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Music is beyond the art of arranging sound to create some combination of form, harmony, melody, rhythm or otherwise expressive content. Music is a relationship that creates deeps bonds and brings an enduring state of tranquility. It is a realm that bonds both the creator and the listener into a single phase.

The SMOKKY project is a project aimed at creating an NFT community centered on music; the smokky community is a music community that lives on the block-chain with sole aim of disrupting the industry and creating a better platform for artistes. It aims to help upcoming artiste, independent artiste, indie artiste & 3rd tier singers by changing the payment structure of the industry as opposed to the structure we have now, also cutting out monopolies in the industry and creating a stronger bond within artiste and fans.

About smokky dread

Throughout recorded history, music has long been a tool of communication and a food for the soul. The SMOKKYDREADS is a 15,000 pcs NFT collection that symbolizes the various form of wisdom, entertainment, finesse & lifestyle we exhibit in our different genres of music globally. The SMOKKY DREADS consist of over 100 genres of music globally.

Each NFT comes with a unique feature and characteristics like instruments, costumes & colors from the different genres of music we have globally. These costumes and instrument are rooted from different cultures and their type of music. Lastly the collections symbolize the different forms lifestyle we have as humans. It also showcases the need live free, ignore the bias and choose to express sweet melodies beyond this realm in a world where we are constantly choked with digital trends.

Smokky dreads is an NFT community based project that is here to stay. It has a long road map that is here to stay.

The roll-out of our first collection is the first step of this journey. The SMOKKY DREADS 1 is a 15,000 pcs collection. We intend to use 50% of the primary sales goes to the SMOKKY (D.A.O), while 20% goes to the founding team and the remaining 30% goes to helping the artiste. Also 70% of our secondary sales goes to the D.A.O, while the remaining 30% goes to the artiste. Income generated from this would be used in the following ways.



Our first collection of the community, also the foundation token of the community. A 15,000 pcs NFT collection.


An independent D.A.O set to govern the community.


World first NFT audio streaming platform . created to change the payment structure of the industry. It also aims to pay artiste by value. i.e. It gives artiste the full ability to decide the value of their song unlike the pool market system of streaming used today. Artiste’s song can be streamed unlimited amount of times and paid by the value of the song rather than being paid pennies on a stream.


A 30 days global discovery tour for new waves of artiste on the block-chain, it aims to discover talented artiste all over the world and also educating people about the use advantage of NFTs as a tool. Lastly the STRODE DISCOVERY TOUR is set to empower sub-Saharan African nations with little or zero block-chain presence. It aims to be the world first NFT MUSIC TOUR.


A fungible token created by the community. Official token of the community.



Which Block Chain

Solana Blockchain

Mint Date

Mint Date TBD

Mint Price

Mint Price TBD

How Many Smokky Dreads Are in the collection

There are over 15,000 Characters in the Smokky Dreads 1  Collection


Do not give anybody your seed phrase, do not share your screen, and do not click links sent to you. Mods and founders are easily impersonated on discord, where people can be easily taken advantage of. Please only buy or trade through our official website.

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