The SMOKKY community believes in uniqueness , as one of our emblems are expressing uniqueness in different ways. we believe the community should base the value of a SMOKKY DREAD'S on its art not rarity. However there are several rare unique attributes given to some NFTs among the SMOKKY DREAD'S collection. Each variant of SMOKKY DREAD'S comes with its own rarity.


Smokky community allows each owner of a smokky NFT to use the NFT as they wish with the exception of defamation/abusive purpose. Although the holder owns the IP to their NFT, however they do not own any smokky logo, identifiers, etc. and therefore cannot use it without the consent /permission of STRODE llc.

Vision And Culture

We are an NFT music based community inspired to help upcoming, independent artiste in the music industry and on the block-chain. We have a vision of disrupting the industry by changing the payment structure for artiste. We want to give artiste the autonomy to create the value of their songs. The current system allows the market to decide the value of an artiste song. We know how much effort, energy, passion and creativity artiste put in to give us the listener quality music only to be paid pennies by major streaming platform. Also the current system uses a pool market system in which smaller artiste struggle to get a bit of the pie with bigger artiste. Moreover cases where stream-farm is used the smaller artiste tends to be at loss. We intend changing that by creating a perfect frame-work and structure on the block-chain for the industry, where artiste could release their songs and care less about streams and also decide the value of their songs to the market. A fair ground that closes the gap within the artiste and their fans.

smokky dreads

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Smokky Dread Terms and condition